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Aim for high-profile clients

Are you aiming for the big leagues but you’re not sure you can deliver the quality they demand? Finally, a solution to bridge the gap! We’ll assess your content and tell you what needs improving with thorough and actionable feedback.

Trust us to be brutally honest. We’ll flag all the issues and save you unnecessary embarrassment. If we love your work, your clients and readers will love it, too!

Aim for authority and reach

The web loves quality. Authority content gets social shares, subscriptions, comments and sales. Search engines fight to get it to the top of your audience’s search results, powering your brand recognition and reach with organic traffic.

Our seasoned professionals have years of experience in writing, editing and publishing. Simply submit your content and we’ll tell you how to turn it into attention-grabbing front-page work!

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• Up to three assessments per article

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For only $7 per 500 words, we work with you to create professional copy your readers will love!

We calculate our costs per word ($0.014 per word), not per page, so you only pay for the words you submit.

Submit 250 words and you’ll only pay $3.50.
Submit 350 words, pay only $4.90.
Submit 500 words and it’s $7.00.

It all works out on the same ratio, with no hidden charges or extra fees!

Assessment and feedback only help if you have the necessary skills to improve your content. Try our premium editing service for writers and site owners who need to go a step further — substantive editing to turn your everyday work into attention-grabbing, front-page awesomeness! Our premium service includes:

• Clarifying and organizing structure
• Verifying meaning
• Smoothing style and flow
• Line-by-line technical and stylistic editing
• Fact and reference checking
• Working one-to-one with you at every stage!

Premium editing starts at $30 per 500 words.