About Us

PenStars Fuels Your Writing Success!

Writing is scary. You’re afraid no one will read your work. You’re afraid you won’t get the results you want. You’re afraid you’ll invest time and energy for zero return.

The PenStars team of seasoned experts has years of writing experience. Our aim is to give you the help you need to cross the finish line by ensuring everything you publish is the best it can be.

Stop worrying whether your readers will get to the second paragraph. With our input, they’ll read the lot and come back for more!

With PenStars, you’ll get professional, conversion-focused assessments of your content. You’ll also get actionable feedback that helps you fix your submitted work and become a better writer.

Join us today and give your content the makeover it needs!

Our Team

PenStars is the brainchild of two freelancers with more than 15 years’ combined experience in online work.

Walter Akolo is a trusted trainer, blogger and marketer, best known as the owner of the resource-rich FreelancerKenya. Named one of the fastest-rising entrepreneurs in Kenya by a top Kenyan blog, Walter has won an international traffic contest, written for the Huffington Post and been featured in Paysa. He’s been running online businesses since 2011 and brings both training and business acumen to our team.

Spike Wyatt is a published author and freelance editor. He’s been freelancing online since 2008. He usually stays out of the limelight, editing articles and books and working with companies such as PetMD, Springbok Properties and SpinOutDay. Spike handles the technical side of PenStars and adds his editing experience to the team.

We also have an incredible group of international writers, editors and scorers, mostly from the US and the UK. They assess your submissions and provide critical insight to help you craft outstanding content every time.

We look forward to working with you!